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Away Days Beer Company

Away Days was launched in 2018 by beer and football fan, Josh Bartlett, with his sole aim of wanting to celebrate the beautiful game with beautiful beer.

Having watched his beloved Ipswich Town lose on a cold Tuesday night back in 2017, the idea of “football beers” was born after Josh saw some quirky named craft beers in his local and decided “Boncho” (the 90’s Bulgarian player, Boncho Genchev) would be a great name for a beer. The idea of ordering a pint of Boncho stuck and by 2018, with the help of Ipswich Town FC fans, Josh launched Away Days debut beers which included “Hoppy Robson”, “Golden Goal”, “Boncho”.

Three years on from that cold Tuesday night and Away Days now has an array of beers and an ever growing line-up, all brewed across four different small, independent Midlands based breweries. and all named and designed via the help of Away Days growing fan base. These beers really do take you down football memory lane with every sip.

Fun Away Days Fact - Away Days has been enjoyed by football legends such as Alan Shearer, Terry Butcher and Chris Kamara.

Fancy being apart of the Away Days movement? Then head over to their website or take a look at their page on Shop Newark Online and get your orders in!


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