The TLC Collection

A perfect ‘pick me up kit’ to aid some tender loving care.


Starting with that all important cup of heart warming Tea, take 5 mins to sit back with a delicious bag of Organic Chocolate Buttons.


A few drops of Passiflora can really support your well-being at times of stress, worry or anxiety, so they are ideal to keep close by, along with Naked Ginger which can naturally ease digestion complaints and nausea.


Enjoy the lavish feeling of Jason’s Body Lotion locking some soothing moisture into your skin, whilst allowing Rio Rosa Mosqueta Day and Night Face Cream to protect nourish, hydrate and repair.

The TLC Collection

  • Lotion: 227g / 8oz                

    Night cream: 50ml                

    Drops: 50ml     

    Ginger: 200g   

    Buttons: 25g        

    Teabags: 20 sachets